Friday, July 10, 2009

Its been a while since i saw your smile
a fixed picture in my memory
to spend with you even for a little while
depicts a million stories

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cell outing at my house.

It's Saturday 30 may 2009, 11.30 we left for my house and for the first time i
drove 6 people including myself from church to hse.
it was intense :) haha..
felt heavy i have to say but the car seem quite stable.
regardless we reached there safe due to my absolutely awesome driving skills.
when we reached home, we immediately ordered pizza which arrived so fast!
i'm glad domino's are just outside my house.
anyway we finally began the process of was pretty hectic at first cause everyone was "blur" but they had me and i'd done it a gazillion times..maybe..and so we eventually settled and started. we all took turns adding in the butter,sugar,essence,flour,milk and many other stuff however some was just bumming around waiting
for it to be made..haha you know who you are
but all in all everyone chipped in a little effort.
then came the best part which was decorating the cupcakes. it was super fun!
charlene was making the icing while we dipped our hands into them to try, few seconds later everyone got high on sugar and started blotting out faces with icing.
i guess you could say it was a "free facial", sure did felt like it :P
after the many laughter's and EATING we went upstairs to watch
"the notebook"
yes ryan gosling is indeed very hot.
haha but the story line was good as well ;)
had to come to the rescue as some part were inappropriate. ;)
finally ended the day by going to church for service.
in a nutshell it was a great and fufilling day.
here are some pictures we took, enjoy:

eirena's first cupcake.

tiffany trying to be funny blocking the cupcakes with her hand :P


eirena placing her master piece down.


joey and me.

eirena,joey, suwen, playing around :P

colourful cuppiecakes



chocochip cupcakes and charlene :)


Monday, May 4, 2009

crazy about..

These days it's been so difficult for me to lay of the
most delicious thing anyone can ever have.
okay i know its may not be EVERYONES cup of tea. But once you go there
you'll never stop craving for more.
okay now starting to sound a little bit like a loon.
but i'll let you be the judge of that.
cause cereals cannot get better than this...

feeling the rush of siliva coming from those glands!

too bad they dont serve it here :(
ah well you've seen it what are you waiting for...get into your car and go have yourself a delicious box of "healthy" cereal.
your life would never be the same again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

You are the peace that guards my heart
My help in time of need
You are the hope that leads me on
and brings me to my knees

For there i find you waiting
and there i find release
So with all my heart i'll worship
and unto you i'll sing

For you alone deserve all Glory
For you alone deserve all praise
Father we worship and adore you
Father we long to see your face

For you alone deserve all glory
For you alone deserve all praise
Father we love you
and we worship you this day.

trust you.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I haven't seen you in a while,
yet I often imagine all your expressions.
I haven't spoken to you recently, but many times I hear your thoughts.
Good friends must not always be together.
It is the feeling of oneness, when distant that proves a lasting
su, you know i miss you like crazy!

Sydney boy.

Vynecia :) miss those college days

Yi lin, now in UK. come back! miss those library gossiping days ;)

christine :) miss your cheekyness.

haha! justin :) still remember you sleeping during bio class when i placed that on your specs. miss you la.

timothy!! you betrayed me when you went to Monash but were still friends..i guess :P

jin ern! so did YOU and i know why.hmph! :P

huei yuih! where have you been?? never fail to cheer me up.

jane, love our long/short chit chats.. miss those days.

Friday, April 3, 2009


it's late, i know but i rarely feel the urge anymore to blog even as work has suddenly taken a whole new level bombarding me with new lecture notes till it makes you wonder "is there really no end to this?"
not in med school there isnt. :)

Semester 1 and im already loaded with plenty of processes,cycles, scientific terms and long profound words that seriously tests your brain capacity. It's all apart of medical school i suppose, from the words of coldplay "nobody said it was easy". Yeap nobody did, i was actually prewarned about the load and stress i might be facing for 5 or more years. Nonetheless i find it like a transmigration that i'm yet to discover. The information that we can gain or rather the knowledge we obtain through this course is unfathomable. You think you know so much but there comes a whole list of endless things to absorb from.

For the past few weeks i have been spending time just trying to engulf everything that has been taught. It definetely is not easy but when studying comes hand in hand with friends around, it's way better. Somehow you retain the information better and it boosts your morale to a certain extend. So thats why i have changed my whole scope of studing and am bringing it to the library where all the book worms are ;) haha... this is not as bad as it sounds.

On the brighter side, i had fun today jamming at the music room in IMU. Well, it's not so much of me doing the jamming cause my band or our upcoming band to be didnt really prepare songs to practice on so instead we stood as spectators watching in awe the hidden and NOW revealed talents of IMU. Yes the electric guitar player went sky rocketing as he slid across the guitar strings with fingers moving with the speed of....whats faster than light... his fingers ok! no kidding. It sounded great. Adding to that the drummer was pretty good to, so i asked him to teach me a few beats, he did and surprisingly i manage to follow spot on. ;) hmm..hidden talent?perhaps. All i need is practice.

soon afterwards had a meeting with church friends as to discuss on our screen play tomorrow afternoon. Excited as i have never officially acted before in anything. I'm usually the background prop or the women that screams behind the scene's. Well so happen i have that role in this play but with a little extra lines to it. I hope i dont freak tmrw then forget my lines, or not i'm gonna have to do some improvising.

It's later already and im really feeling tired. Of to my bed now.

Wrecking ball.

I made a wreck out of my hand,
I put it through the wall.
I made a fist and not a plan,
call me a wreckless wrecking ball.
I threw my plates against the walland give it all I got.
I aim to break,
not one but all,
I'm just a big ol' wrecking ball.

I am unruly in the stands,
I am a rock on top of the sand,
I am a fist amidst the handsand I break it just because I can.

It takes a dedicated hand to put it through the wall.
You gotta wanna break the hearts of all those pretty porcelain dolls.
You gotta wanna be the drummer in the band
You gotta wanna be a battle ring ram
You gotta see the artistry in tearing the place apart with me

*the music for this song is unbelievable. ;) love the drumming.